TTS – Laser safety for optical tables by laservision

Flexible, easy and safe

Laser setups on optical tables require special protective measures due to their experimental
character. With the TTS laser protection system for optical tables (TTS – Table-Top-System)
laservision offers an all-around solution adapted to the use with optical tables and
breadboards. This is based on the E25 Modular Barrier System with FlexJoint. Awarded with
the German-Design Award (2021) in the category “Special” laservision offers with the “OnThe-Table System” joint for any positioning angle which can be positioned freely and at the
same time stable on the table. The “Foldable-Edge System” also provides a 180° folding
solution equipped with magnets. In the “Basic System” you can choose between screwed or
magnetic posts. The possibility of exchanging the certified wall material for laser safety
windows, thus providing additional insight without loss of safety, is also worthy of special
mention. As all components are certified according to EN 60825-4, this results in a flexible
safety solution that complies with the standards at all times.

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