IHK Conference on Digitisation

Fit for the future through digitalisation – held in German​

Success factors and “best practices”: When companies talk about digital strategy, it is so simple in theory, but in reality it is sometimes rather a chaotic construction site. Where do you start, what are suitable initial projects and who in the company can help with implementation? Where can I find qualified employees or how can I sufficiently qualify my team? Digitalisation projects must be individually adapted to the company. At this conference, we from the IHK Lahn-Dill and IHK Hessen innovativ, together with the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, want to show how companies have been able to successfully implement digitalisation projects and what opportunities are available regionally to receive assistance from experts.

Participants of the event will learn about successfully implemented digitalisation projects and will get helpful hints for the development of their own digital strategy.

IHK Lahn-Dill and IHK Hessen innovativ in cooperation with the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen.

Target group
Managing directors, plant managers, digitalisation and IT managers and interested parties

IHK Hessen innovativ: Dr. Gernot Horst, Tel.: 06441 9448-1250, Email: horst@lahndill.ihk.de

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